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Disability pays for Mary Davis anyway.

Saw Mary Davis on RTE last night and even though she came across well, I feel justified that I didn’t vote for her, primarily because of her exorbitant pay for being on the Special Olympics committee.

There is a huge …

Recessionary Minds!

So, again on the news this morning I hear David Cameron talking about no end in near sight to austerity. I am no economist but for a long time I have felt that we the public are only getting one …

“Cavalcade” to the rescue! (or so I thought)


(I can’t believe the following blog is from over four years ago first published in 15th July).

I went to see the film “Me before You” and a lot of the same fictionalized and glassed over realities were present.

Haphazard Failte Ireland advice for tourists with disabilities

After my experiences last week, and getting no response from the Minister for Tourism and Discover Ireland, as well as just a tentative acknowledgement of email receipt from Failte Ireland, I may as well post the contents of the email.