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Happy new year 2013 for some

Like so many others I will spend new years eve, bedbound, smelly and cursing those Mayan nitwits for gettingĀ  it so wrong.The last few days have shown that there are so many good people around.Their desire to help out, doesn’t …

Xmas Cheer for some

Went to a free play in Newbidge Library on Monday. Thinking it was ttundo be heavily satirical ( given as the name was Bah Humbug) I was disappointed to find a class from the nearby primary school, bouncing around with …

Seasonal delights and Mayan delusions

Originally Posted 11/12/12

“Tis the season to be jolly”. Well thats an over used slogan. At this time of the year, when roads turn into ice rinks with groaning cars, people with mobility disabilities may just be prepared to stew …

It will take a non-national to address the reproductive rights of Irish women!

Update Sunday 26/10/14: This blog was originally published nearly three years ago. There is still such a gaping hole of deadly inaction. Rape survivors having to give birth because of bucket passing bureaucracy. The desperate line of Irish women seeking