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Medjugorje-Stare at the sun and spread delusions

I saw on the Late Late Show yesterday a segment on Medjugorje. For a start, it was a bit of a revelation that this place is still on the go, after so many decades.

I remember when I was newly …

Mandela—Is 94 really too young to die?

I saw on the news yesterday that the 94 year old Nelson Mandela is almost causing hysteria, by virtue of being ill and in hospital.
Give me a break!
He has endured a life of luxury, and near God like …

Worship the real gods and its not jesus, buddha or mohammed!

I saw the other day on the telly, the RTE programme “Too young to die” Which documented four Irish couples with very sick children. To me is was a real testimony to the power of love. A small part of …

Why did the pope do a runner?

It defies common sense that the pope should press the eject buttonĀ on his tenure. Surely eight years as a revered demi-god has not been that uncomfortable a “job”?

He does seem more frail and I notice he now needs …

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