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Boston Bombers-how religious ideology really is mental poison

Originally posted 13/4/13

As Boston remains on lockdown, surely the question has to be asked, just how and what ideology could so warp the minds of people, that justifies obliterating the lives of so many.

With cheap explosions designed to …

Ding dong the witch is dead—-but didn’t she really die years ago?

While her dementia may long have extinguished any fiery characteristics she once had, is it not a bit of a low blow to be making such a commotion over how her bones are disposed of?

Okay, many would like to …

Looking forward to Pink at the O2 Dublin

Living for Friday !2th. I expect to be blown away!
Hopefully I won’t get stuck behind someone with big hair, and even bigger lungs.
The O2 could surely have been better designed for wheelchair users!
Hope they have the wheelchair …

What passes for life in Ireland is just a horrible joke.

I saw on the cover of the Irish Daily Mail today “Doctors Vote Against ANY Abortions”. What passes for life and living in this country often ,is just a joke.

Have recently heard about a 42 year old man who …