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Islam is blood loving to the core———“Religion of peace” indeed!

How galling it is to hear the islamists trotting out their paper thin and obscuring defense of their blood loving sect.

Although of course, one can defend the thugs that will hijack an event like the recent savagery in Woolwich

Think Ahead—-Quality over Quantity when it comes to life in Ireland

A medical friend brought the Think Ahead site to my attention, and I am so glad to see support, finally galvanising, from all sectors of Irish society.

It is not a pro euthanasia website, although no doubt we will soon …

51 shades of Maggie at the disappointing Dublin Tivoli

Problems with hard drives, and worm infested laptops, which ultimately lost so much of my personal pictures and videos, meant I badly needed a laugh, and I thought that this play at the Tivoli was going to be the answer.…

Life is short for some, but what happens when its just too long?

I just spent most of last week in N**s Hospital. My diabetes had gone crazy. After a couple of days in the coronary care unit, I was transferred to one of the usual wards. One of the first visuals which