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Penalising extra needs: A step backward by IMC Tallaght

(Update 4/8/14: I cannot believe this post is almost a year old. I never did receive any response, and know the situation has not changed. I cringe for those largely housebound people with disabilities for whom a cinema trip was

Donal Walsh-Person of the year or right wing puppet?


I have debated about writing this for some time. Now though, that he is getting posthumously eulogised, I feel the need to comment.

At the time, I felt that his overly emotive language, and use of such “pro life” …

Hopefully someday.

Journey cut short,

Options and choices exhausted,

Spluttered and carried to the halfway line

Of a life that I have largely watched from the sidelines.


Tireless seeker of normality,

it was just a slipppery illusion,

never to be held …