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The scaremongering begins in earnest about marriage equality in Ireland

(Update Monday 22/08/16: (I’ve just finished watching “The Queen Of Ireland”. I know it took me way too long, to get around to it. I was very impressed by Rory O’ Neill’s eloquence. Its been well over a year and …

Ode to Friedreich’s Ataxia——–An honest lyrical poem about this disorder.

What have you done to me,you cruel bitch?

Curled fingers,slurred speech, locked pelvis,

Decaying muscles that twitch.


Attempted normality,

a scraping descent to those who drool,

Down with the card playing discards of life,

But just when, was I ever 

Appeasement doesn’t work when it comes to Muslim extremists!

Surely what happened in Paris, should be a real warning (if it was needed) about the ramifications of triumphal religious (in this case Muslim) ideology, where criticism is silenced or eliminated by the bullet and  the murderer’ happy to die …