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Addicted to “Return to Amish”

I don’t follow any series on TV, but I’m absolutely addicted to ‘Return to Amish’. Its now in its third series but I’ve been waiting for over two years to find out the next installment about Abe, Rebecca, Mary and …

Will the next Islamic killings be here in Ireland?

Like so many others I have been really appalled at the state of killings in France.

What threat could an 84 year old priest have caused, to the brain washed blood thirsty Islamists or their stoic beliefs?

To slit his …

Pope John Paul II aka Gods politician.

I’m reading an interesting book at the moment which I retrieved from a second hand shop and although a bit dated, its an intriguing and revealing read called ‘Gods Politician’ by David Willey.

I was/remain a fan of his in …

Where’s the reward for safe driving in Ireland?

I’m so annoyed with insurance rates. Despite having seven years no claims bonus, my insurance still nearly doubled this year.

I just don’t see the logic!

Let the boy racers and the people who have big crashes justly pay the …