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Cough up Apple Ireland!

(Update 05/10/17: How disgusting is it that the Irish government is being taken to the European court, for not collecting at least €13 billion in back taxes from a company that can so lavishly afford it. It defies belief!

Mamie Cadden-An abortionist in De Valera’ Ireland

Going through, my groaning bookshelves, full of unread books last night, I came across a book about a backstreet abortionist called Mamie Cadden.

To my surprise, this was a very Irish story, of what life was like for pregnant women …

The French lead the world again in saying “non” to Muslim absurdities

I’m so happy that the French have upheld their Burkini ban, but I’m somewhat stunned that so many civil liberty groups are opposing it.

Well, I suppose the only good thing is that they are getting some vitamin d into …

That Mrs Browns Boys is so popular, is the biggest joke of all!

How could Mrs Browns Boys be voted the best British (?) sitcom of the century? It absolutely beggars belief!

From time to time I watch it, to try and decipher just what it is, that so many of my family …

Advertise with

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As you may have noticed, despite the fact that my site regularly makes it into the front page of Google results, it still remains …

My bad experience with

(Update Monday 22/08/16: On Saturday morning, I got an email from PayPal saying that my money was going to be refunded. Two of the t-shirts I had ordered, had arrived and as expected one of them was certainly not the …

Gay subculture in Maynooth seminary-what a shocker!

As far as I’m concerned, the only real shock is that they were/are so blatant about using sites like Grindr for casual hookups.

Lets face it, they are not intending to meet other guys on that site, to discuss the …

Trump, “Under the Gun” and America’s impending IQ test

Original Post  2/8/16.

I’ve just finished watching “Under the Gun”, a powerful and revelatory look at the whole gun culture in the US.

Its hard to fathom how readily available guns are in that country, that you can buy a …

Suspicions about “Every Life Counts”

My mind is mixed about the new organisation “Every Life Counts”

I agree with the premise that no life should be written off, especially by the callous swish of a pen from so called “medical professionals”.

It is often too …