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A locked down life ahead!

Week 9 of lockdown:

I think I spoke way too soon last time!

My projected hope and optimism, was a bit too premature. This country and indeed the world, seem to be stuck in the quicksand created by this corona virus.

The harder we try to get out of its grip, the more it envelops you, like a fake embrace from a rancid stranger.

As someone who is abjectly reliant on other people, my life has gone belly up in the recent weeks for sure. Every service seems to be strained and their can be no proper solution offered when we are all losing our footing.

Unqualified staff can quite easily be doled out in hospital or healthcare settings. If you have a depleted service, at least you have “some” service and you may make do with that.

What is the alternative? Horror stories abound and the HSE is trying to navigate some very choppy waters. Of course, there will be collateral damage and I know that I personally, am experiencing that!

I saw yesterday on the news an interview with President Trump, where he dismissed the covid related mortality rates in America. He brasenly insisted that America had one of the lowest rates in the world and any differing opinion was an example of fake news.

Over 140,000 dead already and many more offered up with seeming indifference for slaughter.

Enough is enough!

Come November, its really not just a Presidential election that America is having, its a nationwide IQ test and the new President will unfortunately have to spend half his time clearing up the mess made by his predecessor.

After widespread revulsion, his opponent surged ahead in the voting poles. He cannot be allowed to twist, duck and deflect the comments he made which are on record, on this topic and many more.

This clown has long run out of any sort of humour and the hall of mirrors in his particular circus show, need to be fully exposed and remembered for what they were/are.

In this country, we just had another covid cluster on a building site in Dublin. In England, Leicester and Blackpool seem to be having second waves of infection.

Even Barcelona, is experiencing a new outbreak. This story seems to be neverending. With the escalating new covid cases in Ireland with a much younger mean age, it really does not give much hope.

Did all this really start with one person in China? If one person can bring the world to its knees, the future does not look so promising.

I’ve started off going back to the gym. I had managed these last few months to keep my legs moving and working somewhat, but my arms have gone to pot.

The gym now is quite a sad place to behold, most of the machines covered and half your time has to be spent sanitising the machine after you leave it.

One of the truest sayings, is you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone. Freedom of movement, human touch, unrushed time and plan making to make tomorrow seem less daunting, all seem to be gone for now.

I hope they return someday!

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