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A Powerful Confessional Play about being Mormon & Gay

I was delighted to see the one man stage show”Confessions of a Mormon Boy” at the Teacher’s Club in Dublin on Saturday, as part of the LGBTQ theatre festival. I had read the book about 11 years ago, so this was a real full circle moment.

It was gripping, funny, moving and certainly kept the mind engaged, as well as other senses. There was even a little bit of partial nudity involved (If you’ve got it, flaunt it!)

It’s in the news at the moment, that Stephen Fry is being investigated under our highly evolved blasphemy law.

The very idea that our law enforcement forces, are having to devote time and resources to this ridiculous case, really shows how little Ireland has changed in some ways.

Last week, the main news was all about the ownership of the maternity hospital, being given over solely to the Sisters of Charity and their ailing creed.

Are all religions as bad as each other, I wonder?

However, back to Steven Fales engrossing play. You don’t have to probe too deeply behind the big pearly white Mormon smile and beguiling choir routines, to find a more gross and unattractive underbelly.

The harsh reality all these years later, is that he’s still ex-communicated and far removed ( thankfully) from his sixth generational Mormon ingrained fantasies, but also the family that upheld them.

I was contacted some years ago by someone whose dads actually had Friedreich’s. We corresponded for a long time through email and she described Mormonism as “the nicest cult in the world”.

As far as being gay goes and his church’ stance that he undergo “conversion therapy.” This horrible religiously inspired solution for being gay, viewed his sexuality as a punishment or result of being sexually abused as a child.

He would be unable to establish his own world, in his next life. As a single guy, just how would he prodigiously populate it and keep “Heavenly Father” happy?

I was fortunate at the end, to meet him briefly afterwards. He gladly signed the book, that I bought all those years ago.

I didn’t have the time to ask him the questions, I would really have liked answered. Is he happy now? Was it all worth it? He has two new plays which maybe answer these “Missionary Position” and “Prodigal Dad“.

I think I understand more, why all churches seem to have such a strong attitude towards sexuality. To be blunt, if they can control whom you cum with, if you ever cum at all or even think about it, your mind is totally theirs. Game over!

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