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Better Days Are Coming?

It’s been such a long time since I have put a new blog up. This was in no small part, due to the relentless difficulties I’ve had with Home Instead Kildare and their enablers in the HSE Disability Services.

I’m very relieved to be finished with Home Instead Kildare, who in my opinion might be more accurately called ‘stay-in-bed-instead’.

Every time I hear their cringe-worthy ads on the radio, bellowing out ‘to us it’s personal‘ it belies at all the difficult times which I have been put through in the past.

What an misnomer!

I’m slowly picking myself up and still trying to move myself foward,(albeit at the pace of a snail.)

My new agency Affinity Plus have helped me a lot and it is my fervent wish that they do not loose their humane and personal approach, after future of years of dealing with the disability industry.

The rigours of Covid life are slowly being forgotten, despite 28,000 cases being reported in this country yesterday.

We cannot continue to be masked and obdurately clinging to the ways in which we have lived over the last couple of years.

I’m aware that cancer kills more people, but cancer is not airborne!

The world seems to be remerging into its accelerated rate of yester year, while for some of us our lock down lives will remain so indefinitely.

I do have to wonder with suspicion, if the influx of Ukrainian refugees, would have been differently treated if they were not white and catholic.

They seem to have bypassed many of the hurdles, still being faced by those other refugees lost to the tangled web of direct provision.

It will be interesting to see how this story unfolds and what further implications and discord it will have for Irish life.

Given the fact that this war is being played out with live coverage.

Also, I find it strange how many countries can be brazingly sending weapons and military aid, while still claiming to have no direct involvement in the war.

I stupidly thought that the face of modern warfare had entirely changed, that it would be all drones and precise missile strikes. The live coverage beamed back, seems almost to reflect the battered, contorted destruction of WWII.

The cost of living is spiralling up, but I do think that Putin and his war crime allowing antics, will be forced to change for the better.

This world has unsteadily dropped to its knees at the moment, but surely the only way is up?

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