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Boston Bombers-how religious ideology really is mental poison

Originally posted 13/4/13

As Boston remains on lockdown, surely the question has to be asked, just how and what ideology could so warp the minds of people, that justifies obliterating the lives of so many.

With cheap explosions designed to cause maximum pain and an understandable longing for death from some of the maimed survivors.

His innocent looking 19 year old face, belies his twisted mind. It just proves to me, how much of a danger religious ideologies are. They suffocate the mind and strangle reason.

The fact that islam is so fast growing, is not really a sign of its great hidden gift for mankind. Lets take a closer look at exactly who is joining this sect. Prisoners and people with the very dangerous combination of having an impressionable mind, and a yearning void in their lives.

When I see smug guys walking through the streets of Dublin, straining the fabrics of their shalwar kameez complete, with bushy ginger beards, I cannot even feign acceptance. How can you ever pay even passive acceptance, to such a mind numbing and blood drenched sect?

America, and the world have so far tried to turn a blind eye, but look where it has got them. And for the record, it will not be another ideology which saves the day, but rather the innate goodness of people!

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