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Brits did a great job with Para Olympics—now the hard work begins!

For a person with zero interest in any sport, I found myself glued to the Channel Four coverage. of the Para Olympics The public support was fantastic to see, emotive and uplifting all at the same time.

It was such a welcome eleven day reprieve from the dog eat dog mentality, that so often seems to characterize the world. Hopefully all this positivity will translate into practical changes.

On Saturday I met one of the very disabled women  was part pf the protesting group who managed to provoke the hasty turnaround by the government about the proposed cuts in home care cover.

If someone is so disabled that they cannot scratch themselves if they have an itch, a reduction in hours would be like a death sentence.

I still despise my body and the daily destruction and de cay it brings, but what the past few days meant to me was a giant two fingered salute to the crap which life often throws up.

Humans are amazing, well most of the time anyway!

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