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Calling out mandated bloodlust does not equal Islamophobia

Reading “Heretic” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her words are all the more powerful coming from someone born into the Islamic tradition.

Even though she is now an apostate and scripturally worthy of being sentenced to death in whatever manner the particular country see’ fit.

That could be a public beheading in Saudi Arabia, being stoned to death in Yemen, or more mercifully being on the receiving end of a quick bullet for her rejection of these plagiarised ramblings.

The irrefutable words of a highly narcissistic creator, proffered by the seemingly overworked archangel Gabriel.

She recounts the episode of an honorary degree from an American University, being revoked as she was considered to be an Islamophobe.

In my opinion, this mangling of English serves only to deflect any probing questions into this blood loving “religion of peace” (more like the religion of pieces!)

Linking Islamophobia to Homophobia (we all know what happens to gay people in Muslim countries) as an easy to spit out catchphrase, is intensely unfair.

How dare strict Muslims come to the west and establish little Muslim ghettos, recoiling against any criticism of their dogmatic beliefs.

This is to be expected I suppose, when any sort of free speech (in their countries) is a doctrinally inspired anathema.

I found myself completely bemused, as to why she would even want a reformation in Islam (being the same as all organised religions, fundamentally, flawed with beliefs and dogma’s that no amount of whitewashing can rehabilitate).

Why has there never been an Islamic reformation of any kind? Perhaps its because leaving Islam or even challenging the rhetoric is punishable by death!

I sincerely question if there is any room for moderation at all in this sect. To call people “moderate Muslims” is surely a misnomer.

You are not pulling the trigger or planting the bomb, but you are adhering to and living by the rules imposed by an ideology, that comman.ds how you live this life and promises everlasting glory and virginal excesses in the next.

Any hint of internal debate or probing questions which may uncover unsettling revelations, are to be silenced by whatever means necessary.

She rec.ounts the founding of the Muslim Brotherhood, the yearning for a return to the days of the Caliphate and the insistence by many on the widespread implementation of Sharia law.

We have recent experiences of Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters here in Ireland (Ibrahim Halawa) and no amount of vocal apologists with their watered down renditions, can rejuvenate their outrageous religious beliefs.

The important thing is that the so cooled peace loving Muslims are inspired by the same hadith’s and shahada (“There is no god but allah and Mohammed is his messenger”) as their so called extremist brethren, and to deny this is wilfully delusional.

I find myself (especially after reading this book) looking at the recent news of President Trump visa restrictions, with more tempered eyes.

Are they ill taught out policies, just designed to make life more awkward for a few, or is this an inevitable clash between the values of the west and middle-east.

Will he be begrudgingly heralded, if future attacks are prevented?

These are interesting times!


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