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“Charity” pays out big, to those who least deserve it!

I have been left reeling by the arrogancy of both the CRC and REHAB  Last Tuesday I met a very irate, and physically disabled woman, who effectively squandered so much of her time, fund raising for the shamed Central Remedial Clinic.

Why brave the Irish elements, to fund an individuals grotesquely over sized pension? A pension that dwarfs the salary of Barack Obama no less.

I have nurtured deep suspicions about REHAB (formerly NTDI: National Training & Development Institute) since I first encountered them, more than two decades ago. It always seemed to me, that they were largely an inefficient talking shop.

The audacity of Angela Kerins, not to reveal her salary hints at something rotten.

The direct knowledge that so many Irish people with disabilities, are existing on such limited personal assistance hours, that their lives are reduced to getting out of bed with help, and getting into bed later, with the whole day in between left to chance

What a difference, even a fraction of these huge salaries and pension pots would make to people trapped by their bodily limitations. I have decades of stories!

Where is their moral conscience? Presumably, like their reactions now, it seems to have been silenced long ago.

Should it simply be a matter of conscience, when such large figures are involved? If anyone mugged a “charity “fund raiser” of their contributed donations at the end of the day, could they not expect some jail time?

I hope these issues are resolved soon. My fear is that they are just the tip of the iceberg though!

Update 17th February: I was in TK Maxx on Saturday, and having purchased something for €19 and given in €20, the cashier said “we are collecting for Enable Ireland, do you want to donate a Euro”, all of this being said beside a poster of a tragically happy young wheelchair bound girl.

I spat out a definite “no”, but wondered how many people would feel pressurised into handing over their change . The number of people who have told me of their reluctance to donate  to any “charity” keeps on growing.

Today, the rehab board met and magnanimously agreed to disclose Angela Kerins salary of €240,000 plus her company car .They say she has waived her bonus for the past four years, and that her salary is actually less than what people receive in similar roles in other countries.

That is like saying “we are not as greedy as we could be”. Where is the decency in that! Talk about twisted logic! 

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