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Ciao Pope Francis!

Now that the pope is gone, I have to say that I did enjoy watching it over the weekend ( my agency let me down again, so I was housebound!)

From the get go I was quite saddened by his lacklustre reception.

Lots of people in Dublin, didn’t even bother to come out of there house’s, to acknowledge him as he cruised past in his Skoda.

His audience all weekend was very telling. Those with one foot already in the grave and those not quite old enough to think independently.

I was very heartened by the concert in Croke park. It was really stunning and a celebration (I thought) of the finer points of Catholicism, as well as a very visible muscle flex.

A gay friend of mine put up on Facebook that the definition of family that they were lauding, was impossibly narrow.

No Irish modern family presence of any description, same sex, single parented, homeless families etc, were there.

Therein lies the problem for me. Is modernity not diametrically opposed to religious beliefs?

If you were gay, why would you want to darken the door or waist your time, engaging with an organisation that clearly doesn’t want you!

We are personae non grata and who wants to board that once mighty, sinking ship anyway?

It turned out to a polemic free weekend thankfully.

In another 39 years it will probably be the turn of the Grand Mufti or top scientology leader, to visit this island, and no doubt we’ll give him a hard time too!

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