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Covid-19 anger rising!

Week 4 of lockdown: I’m now trying to strongly limit the amount of news reports I watch. Surely it cannot be good for your mental health, to over indulge in this toxic torrent of bad news which this pandemic brings.

One story is sadder than the next. I don’t know when we’re ever going to experience release, drop our shoulders from their defensively hunched positions and relax with ourselves and one another again.

The news today is about President Trump’s proposal to suspend funding from the World Health Organisation. I saw yesterday his angry response to a journalist, daring to criticise him over his slow reaction to this crisis.

She should have informed him, that not every form of criticism can be neatly gagged and dismissed as fake news.

I know there is a highly active, world of espionage operating. Maybe he does have valid evidence for his actions.

The deepening waters of a pandemic, does not seem the time to dredge up accusations and cause others to lose their footing.

It remains to be seen, whether the rest of the American population, will meekly fall into line and accept his newly minted, almost dictatorial edicts.

How well will his economic wits, translate into the wits needed to steer his country through the epicentre of this raging crisis?

The past Easter weekend, was another stinging reminder of what this time of year should have been like, before it became messed up and confused with this murky virus.

A long weekend, yet their were a few dimwits contemplating making use of the nice weather to travel. Thankfully the Gardaí checkpoints were out, having been given the power to turn cars around.

Do these people not realise that their going to a beach etc would have been like laying fresh land mines for the rest of us?

I was told by a friend in Skerries, that three people went over to an island during low tide and one of them who could not swim, had to get an emergency rescue by the coast guard helicopter.

Such events and even the fact that Gardaí have to waste their time disbanding house parties, leaves me absolutely incredulous.

I do believe there is a simmering hysteria, which will break forth in the next few weeks! People do not like living under house arrest for sure.

This pales into insignificance when thinking about the valued, special people who will/have die(d) in a ward full of strangers, bereft of even a loving touch or gesture.

The nastier side of human nature, has also reared its ugly head in a computer scam taking advantage of the need for protective masks and outfits. What an abuse of the internet, which has categorically been the essential life valve of the world of this time.

I think about the toughness of the survival instincts in all of us at this time. There is something intangible and quietly determined at work.

It is usually bolstered by the contribution of others, who are decidedly of flesh and blood. Any other previously revered, fantastical personage is obviously on an extended fag break.

I really do not see any neat conclusion to this. As a country, we have been told about a lockdown until May 5th. But it could very easily be May 5th 2021!

Surely there is a danger in trying to lift restrictions and return to a previous version of normality, which will, can and never will exist again.

We are seeing that after three and a half months of lockdown, Wuhan may have acted too soon in lifting its restrictions and is now experiencing a second wave of infection.

I am sure our victorious day will come and when we look back on these tumultuous days, hopefully the glare of history will not be too harsh on us.

Stay safe everyone!


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