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Die like a dog Tony Nicklinson!

(Update 22/8/12: Happy that you’re now not suffering anymore. Hopefully, you have shone a light on what the crazy cult/sect followers call “living” and why its so important to change those laws. Unfortunately time was not on your side..

Its horrible to know that the stale suffocating air of religion, still hangs over each and everyone of us, clinging onto us and just refusing to evaporate.

The decision by the British High Court to refuse his wish, to end his life at a time of his own choosing, is a reminder that the fight for a fuller view of what living and dying entail, must continue.

The only arguments against it, are those raised by the religious fruit cakes who believe that “in gods name, this storm will pass”. Looking at that man, trapped in such a dilapidated body, does it not just ¬†scream out that there is no god, no detailed divine plan, and that there should be no devotion to the much disputed ramblings of desert itinerants

I am furious after reading this article . It reeks of a remorseless lack of understanding! I would have thought she would have a much more balanced view considering her own husband had cancer, but then again maybe I overestimated her.

At least he had a finite time for his ending. Well, at least he had a life! She completely overlooks those who have no choice but to endure those indignities day in and day out with no end in sight. Would she have written the same article if her husband had had a protracted “life” like this man.

I,so far, have only had fleeting contact with the horrors he must endure on a daily basis. These daily ordeals are conveniently omitted from reports, and are probably deemed just not palatable for her up market readers, but I have seen and experienced some of these nightmarish scenarios first-hand.

They gloss and skirt over, the unacceptable realities that no human should have to endure, but many are condemned to.

He no doubt has bedsores from not being able to turn himself at night, wakes up covered in his own waste. Hoisted everywhere and at the total mercy of others, without a voice-box. He can’t even let those around him know, if they are giving him a wedgie while they put on his trousers.

While the world keeps turning, and others are lost in the chaos of living, he will be plonked in front of the tv, without even the capacity to change the channel, to something that he might actually be interested in.

His days will now revolve around visits by paid professionals, chiropodists to cut his toenails, occupational therapists to poke and prod, and check his ass for pressure sores…………..

If he is lucky he will have someone to lift a glass to his mouth, if not he can be parched all day. Forget sex, with his unresponsive and deformed body, that’s a thing of the past. Without a voice, he can’t even talk “dirty”. Dependency on others for everything. A baby once again. Completely unacceptable!

His wife may not be the sharpest tool in the shed, and her poorly chosen use of words may have worked against their cause. The fact that she has stood by him, when it would have been all too easy, to have thrown him to the nursing home wolves, gains her a lot of respect and admiration from me though.

Oh, to be a dog!

Update Thursday 16th August: Well he was turned down! He may continue on in this dreadful state. It just defies belief! If he were a dog in that state, his owners would be prosecuted at the very least for keeping him in that condition. And all because of the followers of healthy desert itinerants, and their twisted view of what life and living entail.


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