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Week 6 of lock down: 
Some people are getting restlss, but the majority of us are still staying busy, trying to avoid this virus, even though we are now entering the May long weekend.
The most heartbreaking outcome of this so far, is all the totally innocent older people in nursing homes, which have basically become extremely expensive death centres.
What a tragedy to think of these people who probably lived frugally throughout their lives, to end up paying (with their lives as well as their life savings) for such a proscribed and cruel ending.
I hope that in the months to come, when we have a chance to seriously evaluate all that has happened, we can look again at just how we can legally decree this to be the only option for people to spend the remainder of their lives.
As for May 5th and the possibility of schools reopening for even a little bit, surely it would beg the question of what kind of parents would allow their kids to go back to such a place of possible widespread infection.
Even if it was open, they would be putting their kids lives in jeopardy, regardless of how much they are yearning for a change of scenery.
One thing I cannot understand is just how there can be hundreds of new cases per day, when the majority of the population are in fierce lock down.
I know that there are people who still do not abide by travel restrictions and social distancing. I am just suspicious about who, how and why this virus is still being given life.
Rather than only looking at young people having house parties and congregating in groups, a big part of the jigsaw still remains obtuse.
Apparently a refugee center in Kerry, has had protest from the inhabitants, demanding for the restrictions to be lifted and for them to be moved out, even though the place had four covid cases.
I know how unappealing and frightening these places are, but I think the realities of covid are even scarier.
I really think that down the line, we will be totally reevaluating everything and the knowledge will settle, that it is only just and right to think of Irish people first.
When all this is over, I hope an unashamed and concerted effort is made, to concentrate on putting our own house in order first, before pandering to the needs of non nationals.
I remember before all of this happened, the news was full almost daily of Syrian refugees. Their petulant, obnoxious demands to get to Germany, were suddenly halted by this pandemic and the German quick reaction to it.
Germany’s borders were shut down rigidly in conjunction with a larger state lock down. I know it’s far too early to point fingers, but we casually allowed Italian rugby fans into the country and to our shame allowed so many Irish go to Cheltenham or to infected places in the south of Spain.
They were then allowed to come back and cough their way all across the country, on their way to their homes or holiday homes at the far end of the country.
The flip side of this, is that even at that time when we knew about Italy, the true horrifying impact unfortunately had to be experienced to be believed.
Without apportioning blame at this early stage, all that can be hoped for is that given a second wave once we know better, we can do better.
Stay safe!
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