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Dublin Pride 2013 easily drowns out outdated noise.



It was gratifying to see the enthusiasm and numbered force of a section of Irish society no longer prepared to live a shadowy existence, or accept second class laws. It was refreshing to see the Discover Islam promotion stall, which seems to be permanently outside the G.P.O, and the “pro life” brigade, whose van and over-sized logo had blared down O’Connell street shortly before the parade began at 2 pm.

Of course marriage equality was high on the demand list What is so special about a man and a woman getting hitched anyway?

They ┬ácan have a ceremony with the weight of the law and approval of (most of) society, even if their union doesn’t last much time at all. Maybe LGBT people would make a far better attempt at it?

For me a fear of sexuality lies at the core. When people realise that their butcher, bank manager or priest is gay ( whether they give expression to it or not) then attitudes will change, or obscure tracts of revered fiction challenged at the very least.

It was great to see all the loud young people, but I give more respect to the older ones who paved the way, living clandestine and criminal lives until relatively recently.

How lucky they are to have sex lives, and the absolute imperative to tell the repressed churchie types to go vent their frustrations elsewhere.

If your body works, enjoy it, lube it up and squeeze every last fun filled drop out of it. There was a definite mood of positivity, but I know many are not so supportive when daily life resumes.

Keep moving forward!

Dedicated to Senator David Norris


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