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Hopefully someday.

Journey cut short,

Options and choices exhausted,

Spluttered and carried to the halfway line

Of a life that I have largely watched from the sidelines.


Tireless seeker of normality,

it was just a slipppery illusion,

never to be held for very long,

an ethereal farce.


always managed to evade

the noose of dependency and idle days,

the gulf between us and them was forever lengthening,

now bearing the imprinted sneering marks,

Of ravaged time caught up.



Twice a child, never really an adult,

Stargate, infinity, divine origin, liberating omnipresence?,

Thoughtful words for thoughtless people,

Fake sincerity belying greedy opportunists,

demanding complete adherence.



Pompous perceived possessors of time,

Know alls who ultimately know so little,

a slowly revealed  chasm of ignorance,

cotton wearing robes directing cotton pickin minds.


Time is wrongly distributed.

Too much of it is much more to be feared than too little,

I look around me at the droopy faced body prisoners,

mirroring back a person I never wanted to become.


Dependency, hoists, brazen disability industrialists,

Life is for living, not for the lifeless,

empty bingo/card/crossword packed days,

purposeless, direction-less, absolutely unacceptable!


Will we ever see the day,

when “life” has a fuller definition,

free of dogmatic strangleholds,

and narrow misinterpretations,

Hopefully someday.

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