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Gay rights v Religiously disguised hatred in Ireland

Intolerance, jumbled thinking about sexuality and a lazy desire to act like we always have done, will hopefully be toppled when it comes to the equality referendum next May 2015.

Homophobia has a real and lasting impact. It cannot just be glossed over, or cited as a shaming word.

Those that oppose gay marriage equality should be ashamed of themselves, and their limiting belief systems!

They have had an invisible presence in every landed blow, or suicide of LGBT individuals. Their masked opposition must always be exposed for what it is.

Accurate speech should never be neutralised by fear of lawsuits, as happened recently with the legal spat involving the Iona Institute and RTE.

Hopefully some sense of humanity will win the day, over those schizophrenics, who know so intimately how and what a family is supposed to be and act.

Its a big slap in the face to all those single parents, or those who by choice or circumstance, defy tradition.

Let us as a country keep moving forward, and continue to right the wrongs of the past.

I just hope for the sake of those narrow minded drones, who come to my door petitioning against this amendment, that they are wearing nifty footwear and strong earplugs.

Update 10/1/14: I take Archbishop Martin’s views with a derisory pinch of salt. As if its not so apparent that his cult’ extensive ramblings on sexuality, have not been a cornerstone of anti gay/sexuality forever.

The claws will soon come out of that current conciliatory hand. For me, its a largely legal issue. Why is the law at the moment behind only men and women, even if they get divorced after a few months!

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