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Got to organise the next Garth Brooks concerts better just give us another 20 years!


(Thursday 5/11/15: This old blog has just been revised for SEO purposes, that’s all. I don’t have dementia just yet!)

(Tuesday 8/7/14:Well its happened. I am angry with all concerned, from the arrogant G.A.A, shortsighted Croke Park residents (you could have cleaned up money wise for the sake of 5 days  hassle; if you don’t like noise, maybe consider MOVING) slow acting Dublin City Council, and even Garth, who was originally pencilled in for just one gig.  ps Hope the tickets are refunded in full .

Update Friday 11th July He’s not coming, and I think people should get over it. There is fault on all sides, and the only innocent parties were the ticket holders. A giant mess was made, and they can all suffer the consequences, of what could have been, a special and very lucrative five days

(Original Post) On my travels today, I heard the news that the Monday and Tuesday of the Garth Brooks gigs had been cancelled. I cannot understand why it took so long to come to this decision. Surely you don’t drop a bomb like this, three weeks before the much anticipated concerts are to begin?

This embarrassing fiasco is set to cost the Irish economy 150 million. Extra staff had been rostered in shops ,hotels (which had shot up their prices for these few days) had been booked out an avalanche of die hard GB fans were coming in from abroad just for the shows.

Did Dublin City Council, buckle under the legitimate concerns of the nearby Croke Park residents? Of course the aged residents there, do not want their vicinity spoiled by brazen yobs, and their front lawns turned into public urinals.

Somehow I doubt that is the profile of the typical Garth Brooks fan. Most of whom will descend (at various speeds) on the venue, from every sleepy nook and cranny of this island.

I looked at my tickets today, which I had safely stashed away, and they do state “SUBJECT TO LICENCE”. It begs the question why tickets can be sold and paid for from the 5th of March, without the venue for them even being confirmed.Was it just unabashed greed from the parties involved, thinking that any opposition would be bought off.

The question for me, is at whose door does the blame lie. Is it the G.A.A for over extending themselves, some Croke Park residents for ruining these much awaited concerts, despite the serious  influx of revenue it would have brought in.

Was it Aiken Promotions for taking the money in March ,(surely all that money would have earned a nice bit of interest by now) or Dublin City Council for lazily dragging its feet, over a definitive answer. Maybe  it was a covetous mess in which all four were active participants.

With international attention on this country, as the launch pad for Garth Brooks’ return to touring, the bad press is unwanted and undeserving.

I think the lesson to be learned here is that when all eyes are firmly fixed on money making, our organisational skills go out the window. Whichever way it turns out people will be disappointed and down money. A different venue for the last two concerts have been ruled out by the Dublin lord mayor . Surely lessons have to be learned , so that a next time never happens.

The Garth Brooks camp have said its 5 shows or none, which seems both unfair and reactionary.

I know of some otherwise house bound people, for whom these concerts are their yearly extravagance. Maybe he does have the legal right to do this, 3 shows is not what he signed up for! Hopefully though,the baby will not be thrown out with the angered bathwater.

Hopefully we’ll make a better attempt at organising the next Garth Brooks concerts in twenty years time. I’m sure it will be seamless. A flawlessly cohesive exercise, which will dazzle the rest of the world.

Fortunately by then, venue size and crowds will not be an issue, as it will take place in a community hall, staged by an out of tune and unsteady on their feet GB tribute act!

Only in Ireland could this happen. Or maybe Iraq, Syria, Nigeria…………..

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