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Dublin Pride 2013 easily drowns out outdated noise.

It was gratifying to see the enthusiasm and numbered force of a section of Irish society no longer prepared to live a shadowy existence, or accept second class laws. It was refreshing to see the Discover Islam …

Keeping stereotypes alive and wheelchair using chuggers

rsz_img_2084In the last two weeks, I have been shocked to find two people in wheelchairs publicly collecting.

The first guy was on Grafton street with a bucket ¬†on his lap, and a neon jacket flashing the sign “Help The Disabled”.…

Haphazard Failte Ireland advice for tourists with disabilities

After my experiences last week, and getting no response from the Minister for Tourism and Discover Ireland, as well as just a tentative acknowledgement of email receipt from Failte Ireland, I may as well post the contents of the email.