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Wake up Ireland to the dangers of Islam!

Reading “Nomad” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali, a powerful writer whose words are enriched and strengthened by having been born into the Muslim world.

This most primitive ideology, which has never experienced any kind of reformed thought, or the rigours of …

Mother Teresa–The Gutter Loving “Saint”.

In the aftermath of all the pomp and ceremony that the Vatican can lavish on this little nun from Albania, I have started researching the merits of such grandiose devotion.

Even though countless millions flowed into her order, while she …

Mamie Cadden–An abortionist in De Valera’ Ireland

Going through,my groaning bookshelves, full of unread books last night, I came across a book about a backstreet abortionist called Mamie Cadden.

To my surprise, this was a very Irish story, of what life was like for pregnant women in …

The French lead the world again in saying “non” to Muslim absurdities

I’m so happy that the French have upheld their Burkini ban, but I’m somewhat stunned that so many civil liberty groups are opposing it.

Well, I suppose the only good thing, is that they are getting some vitamin d into …

Gay subculture in Maynooth seminary—what a shocker!

As far as I’m concerned the only real shock is that they were/are so blatant about using sites like Grindr for casual hookups.

Lets face it, they are not intending to meet other guys on that site, to discuss the …

Suspicions about “Every Life Counts”

My mind is mixed about the new organisation “Every Life Counts”

I agree with the premise that no life should be written off, especially by the callous swish of a pen from so called “medical professionals”.

It is often too …

Addicted to “Return to Amish”

I don’t follow any series on TV, but I’m absolutely addicted to ‘Return to Amish’. Its now in its third series but I’ve been waiting for over two years to find out the next installment about Abe, Rebecca, Mary and …

Will the next Islamic killings be here in Ireland?

Like so many others I have been really appalled at the state of killings in France.

What threat could an 84 year old priest have caused, to the brain washed blood thirsty Islamists or their stoic beliefs?

To slit his …

Pope John Paul II aka Gods politician.

I’m reading an interesting book at the moment which I retrieved from a second hand shop and although a bit dated, its an intriguing and revealing read called ‘Gods Politician’ by David Willey.

I was/remain a fan of his in …

Anti choice misusers of disability-Repeal the 8th!

(Update Friday 9/03/18) Even though the following blog was done some time ago, a lot of the core ideas have not changed The tired old “pro-life” bandwagon will no doubt keep rolling out the same stifling rhetoric again. This is