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Sad days for FA (Friedreich’s Ataxia)

I was very sad to see the ugly tentacles of the “charity” business in full squalid action again.

Regretfully, this time the exposed activities are concerning the organisation for my own disorder ATAXIA IRELAND.

I very much want this not …

Calling out mandated bloodlust does not equal Islamophobia

Reading “Heretic” by Ayaan Hirsi Ali and her words are all the more powerful coming from someone born into the Islamic tradition.

Even though she is now an apostate and scripturally worthy of being sentenced to death in whatever manner …

Ticketmaster, U2 and Profiteering.

On Monday morning, I finally got through on the ticketmaster line to be told that all the tickets were gone.

I was told that the lines had been crazy and a number of the U2 tickets for their concert in …

Christmas and New Year……just more obstacles to get through!

My absolute best wishes for those with disabilities who are trapped with all that freezing snow in New York or anywhere else.

Worse still to be trapped by your disability and circumstances, with the inflicted ordeal, that comes from dealing …

The support for Trump cannot be dismissed!

Third Presidential Debate:

The final debate between these two, has pushed me back definitely to the side of Hillary Clinton.

I think Trump has become a parody, entirely of his own making.

To be honest, I don’t know how anyone …

Cough up Apple Ireland!

With a quarterly revenue of some $74.5 billion, I don’t think any poor card can be played.

This €13 billion (at least) judgement follows a three year investigation by the E.U, which highlighted State acquiescence in helping Apple reduce its …

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If you want to put a paid advertisement on my site, please contact me at

As you may have noticed, despite the fact that my site regularly makes it into the front page of Google results, it still remains …

My bad experience with

(Update Monday 22/08/16: On Saturday morning, I got an email from PayPal saying that my money was going to be refunded. Two of the t-shirts I had ordered, had arrived and as expected one of them was certainly not the …

Where’s the reward for safe driving in Ireland?

I’m so annoyed with insurance rates. Despite having seven years no claims bonus, my insurance still nearly doubled this year.

I just don’t see the logic!

Let the boy racers and the people who have big crashes justly pay the …

Good riddance to 2015

I am  cautiously optimistic about 2016. Good riddance to 2015 and all that It brought, long hospital visits and many sleepless nights caused by the repeated failures of two “care” agencies.

The year ended for me In a drained and …