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Good riddance to 2015

I am  cautiously optimistic about 2016. Good riddance to 2015 and all that It brought, long hospital visits and many sleepless nights caused by the repeated failures of two “care” agencies.

The year ended for me In a drained and …

Who suffers most when HIQA approves places like Áras Attracta?

Like so’many others,I was appalled at the abuses carried out in Aras Attracta. I cringed when I saw the voiceless people with intellectual disablities, being abused and exploited by so called “paid professionals”.

I absolutely reject the nurse’ union attempted …

Surely, we can do better for the terminally ill in Irelaand?

I had mixed emotions when someone I casually knew, died in a nursing home, after at least a seven year struggle. I suppose the main emotion was an angered relief.

Relief at the fact that he is no longer suffering …

“Turning into them”——ebook available for purchase soon

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Foreword: My ebook on spirituality, living with a degenerative disorder.

Choice always seems to be the targeted enemy of the death obsessed.

As my body implodes, and I find myself with too much empty time, I may as well cajole …

Sick of all the “charity” scandals in Ireland? Donate to a genuine cause, hassle & commitment free!

Tired of pouring your money into the pockets of overpaid disability industrialists? Got spare cash, and unsure whether that bucket being filled will ever make a difference, to those who really need it? Donate to keep this site (and me) …

Long films, short plots and exaggerated praise!

Update Saturday 12/11/16: A perfect example of this is the film Nocturnal Animals, which I have seen today.

It started with a stomach churning scene of gyrating obese women, who probably haven’t seen their private parts in decades, to

Friends in high places save the Irish Garth Brooks fans

I finally managed to secure tickets for the Garth Brooks concerts at the end of July. After ages hanging on the Ticketmaster line, the end result was fruitless. His comeback concerts were sold out in record time. The show was …

“Charity” pays out big, to those who least deserve it!

I have been left reeling by the arrogancy of both the CRC and REHAB  Last Tuesday I met a very irate, and physically disabled woman, who effectively squandered so much of her time, fund raising for the shamed Central Remedial …

Irish legal system turned its back on Marie Fleming

Originally posted 20/12/13

Update: Was it a guilty conscience on the part of  the state, that prompted it to pay most of her legal costs? Unfortunately, its a bit late to be displaying some face saving compassion or mercy

There is more to living than a beating heart!

Last week I asked someone just out of inane chatter, how they were, to which they replied ” I”m great, I’m living”

Well, so is Michael Schumacher at the moment! So are countless Irish people all over the country. Trapped …