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” I’m so sorry darling”–Poor language in hospitals

(Update 8/8/16: This is an old blog from 3/9/12 but still the language issues remain).

I am here once more again among the heroes in hospital. After the recent episode with Tony Nicklinson, I suppose it just highlights for me, that its definitely quality over quantity that counts, especially when it comes to life.

Some of the sights around here are truly heartbreaking. People in terrible physical pain, and probably what hurts most is those who get no visitors

The title comes from`what the Filipino nurse said, after she stuck a cotton bud up my nose, prompting an involuntary jerk.”Luvvie and darling” seem to be the typical favourite, foreign nurse learned adjective’. Somehow, it doesn’t sting so much, coming from them.

I really wasn’t in the mood for visitors. They didn’t have an electric bed, so I was semi reclined constantly, as upright as two ward pillows would allow!

The Eucharistic minister came around yesterday with her “god in a wafer”, and I surprised myself by saying a polite “no thanks”. I also had another visit from someone trying to convert me.

I’m sure he’s a nice person, but he was just a perfect example of my belief that religion is certainly a mental poison. Anyone who thinks the bible is an accurate historical record and that Noah did indeed fill his boat with two of every animal, is just beyond delusional.

When someone’ eyes light up describing Noah’s ark, its a bit of a conversation stopper for me,

We’re getting into the realms of the patently absurd and insulting!

My main problem with the religious there days, is that it is just not enough to say let people believe what they want, once they are not hurting anyone.

They certainly are hurting people, when they feel compelled to dictate the laws that tell people how to live their lives. It was all so galling to see Mitt Romney vying for the most powerful position in the world.

It is worrying to believe what crazy turns this man would take, if he did get the US presidency, holding such crazy religious beliefs.

Seeing his suited, white,and beaming family and followers I am just amazed that such a person so close to the worlds top job, can gather so much support.

Can economic concerns really brush away all other worries? I would liked to have watched someone at the convention, get up and ask if he is wearing his magic underwear?

People need to remember that all of his policies are going to be guided by his crazy inculcated cult beliefs. I sincerely hope Americans don’t foist him on the world!

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