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Is the anti choice movement running out of steam in Ireland?

My own video clip:  My banner read “What sort of life do you believe in?”

Through happy coincidence, I was in the city centre on the fourth of July. Was it some coded meaning, that this national pro life rally should be held on this of all days?

The well financed adverts, gleamed with their “I’m pro life” slogans, later to be proudly clutched by many approaching the end of their own lives, and determined to feather their nests in a supposed next world’ nest.

I had been at the last rally (just after the Savita Halappanavar case) nearly three years ago. The turnout then, dwarfed that of Saturday.

If as the papers suggest the church was “buoyed”  by the 25,000 turn out, their smugness should be diminished by the ominous reality, that this was all they could muster on a brilliant summer’ day. (The Gardaí have claimed 5,000 is a more accurate number).

So,what has happened? Personally, I think that the resounding “Yes” vote for Marriage Equality has demonstrated a definite change in the attitudes and outlook of the Irish people.

Things are not black or white, and old absolutes are crumbling before questioning minds.

I knew no-one else in the Pro Choice area. (I’m sure we were thought of as a coven of life hating witches by the other side).

I got someone to write my slogan on the back of a cheap strip  of paper, which kept ripping and threatening to blow away.

What made me so angry?

Seeing and hearing about the constant mayhem, suicides and hardship imposed on other’s, because of their restricted view`of what “life” and “living” entail. Needless to  say, I think they’re full of it!

Some pro choice tenors sang “Go back to craggy island” and “Anti women, Anti gay, Pro life bigots go away” at the rosary clad guilt pushers.


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