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Islam is blood loving to the core———“Religion of peace” indeed!

How galling it is to hear the islamists trotting out their paper thin and obscuring defense of their blood loving sect.

Although of course, one can defend the thugs that will hijack an event like the recent savagery in Woolwich .

From its beginning it has known and courted savage violence, perfectly illustrating how their sect really is a mental illness of the worst kind. They should never be appeased or allowed to buy or at the least bully silence. Even if its opponents meet the same fate as the Danish cartoonist, then so be it!

Have these apologists never heard of Sharia law, and the savagery that it endorses and mandates? How many gay men, women and so many other innocents have had their lives cut short, by daring to oppose these human rights crushing dictates.

From time to time, the restrained veneer is exposed. Thankfully, the internet will never allow these vicious acts to be forgotten or concealed by time.

“There is no god but allah, and Mohammed is his messenger”. End of story.

In the words of Catherine Tate, “What a load of old shit!”


*The great Christopher Hitchen’ thoughts on Islam:



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