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It will take a non-national to address the reproductive rights of Irish women!

Update Sunday 26/10/14: This blog was originally published nearly three years ago. There is still such a gaping hole of deadly inaction. Rape survivors having to give birth because of bucket passing bureaucracy. The desperate line of Irish women seeking unsafe abortion pills online continues to rise. But their lives are dispensable, aren’t they? What a better country it would be, if these “pro lifer’s” displayed just a little more concern over the problems encountered by the actual living!

Original Post 2/12/12

On Mary Street this Saturday, I was glad to see a pro-choice table loudly blaring, that no other Irish woman be placed in othe same predicament as Savita Halappanavar.

I was glad that the woman requestiog petiitions was loud and unapologetic. Enough is enough. We can’t dance around this issue anymore, and try to export the issue of unwanted Irish pregnancies to the UK.

The galling thing for me is that these bible bashers have the audacity to call themselves “pro life”. These are exactly the same people who want to  block the choice of Marie Fleming. A decision on her case is not due until next january. The white haired debaters will surely not ever be seen helping with hoisting, cleaning etc.

Hopefully she will be successful. Maybe she won’t though. The misled followers of desert itinerants still have a lot of power. Its very easy to pontificate when you  are not battling daily with the minutiae of living and the constant mirrored foe!



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