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Keep Ibrahim Halawa and his beliefs in Cairo please!

(Update 20-09-17: Now they are thinking about sending the government jet to bring him back to a life of congratulation, lucrative book deals and television appearances.

His deluded beliefs, will no doubt take a back seat for the immediate future. I have no doubt that they will be championed and nurtured here for a long time to come!)

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Would there have been such a commotion if the father of the Irish citizen (Ibrahim Halawa’) had not been the Iman of the Clonskeagh mosque?

I have zero sympathy for these hardliners, who are supporters of an Islamist state, that thankfully the rest of Egypt does not want to be a part of!

Looking at the picture of the four smiling and covered paedophile followers, I thought that all the values that they blindly believe in and espouse, can stay over in that troubled part of the world.

We certainly don’t need these wolves in sheep’ clothing, proselytizing for their anti gay, women and free thought, cult here. Surely, we are shackled enough already!

I hope the Irish government don’t waste public money, on securing the release of any brain controlled fundamentalists, who support sharia law and the ways of attaining it at whatever cost.

I think there is a danger of giving false homage to religious movements, as if the very word “religion” confers an invisible ring of silenced protection.

Those who remain silent, are guilty in their dumbness for any and all future Islamic inspired terror attack.

(Update Thursday 31/08/17: Have just seen on the news his obnoxious family demanding that the Irish government take legal action if Ibrahim is not released on the 18th of September, while still not regretting the support for the Muslim Brotherhood which got them into this stalemate in the first place.)

(Update Tuesday 10/01/17: I am annoyed that so many TD’s, seem to be milking their junket trip to Egypt. Why are they not questioning his Muslim Brotherhood support more? Has he renounced these beliefs?


(Update:Tuesday 12/8/14; The sister of the indoctrinated Muslim Brotherhood supporter Ibrahim Halawa, is demanding that the Irish government do more to secure his release. Shame on them if they do!

Surely there are more pressing issues to address. I always find it sadly ironic how they take full advantage of rallies,media and social networks to support their cause, all of which would be strictly controlled under their beloved Sharia law)

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