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I’ve just  finished reading When I Die” by Philip Gould, a book which started off well, until its decline into Oprah-esqe  language toward the`end.

His over exuberance about death, and zealous focus on the perfect grave site ( or as he put it: “his home for the rest of eternity”) was just a little stomach churning ( no pun intended).

He used his resources, connections and wealth to try to dodge living in the “death zone” for as long as he possibly could. To wax so lyrical now about his known ending, does not really have much of an empathic impact on myself, to be honest.

If my feelings lie anywhere, it is with those who don’t have the luxury of being able to get the best treatment money can buy (distance no object), or top consultants as fans/friends, who gush that they will be  treated “like they were family”.

So, this is what the end is like sometimes for “normal people”.

Personally I find it astonishing, when people presume that they are going to lead a rich and fulfilling life full of sex, partners, holidays abroad, fulfilling careers, money,  cars, house, independence.……..

Then to encounter the party stopping inconvenience of cancer and physical decline, not to mention the loss of independence.

Well some of us prisoners of time, have never been that choice laden.

So forgive me, if my eyes are enviously dry.

When I Die by Philip Gould: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2eUw0CUuMc

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