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Medjugorje-Stare at the sun and spread delusions

I saw on the Late Late Show yesterday a segment on Medjugorje. For a start, it was a bit of a revelation that this place is still on the go, after so many decades.

I remember when I was newly diagnosed, I was given the option of a free trip there. In return, no doubt, I would have had to put on a pitiable smile as I was carried around by stretcher, playing my part in the catholic circus perfected by Lourdes.

Parts of the storyline,┬ástill do not add up for me. This “Our Lady” character, does not seem to be saying anything new, even after all this time.

Could she not have given them a tip off about the impending civil war, that would tear apart Yugoslavia at the very least?

No, even if she was guaranteed to start break-dancing, I could not force myself to be impressed.

Yes, that boat has well and truly sailed!

There is something that smacks of real desperation,that drives people to stare into the open sun unprotected. I suppose if you make such an effort to get there in the first place, you want to get your monies worth!

Does the man who claims to have been cured of Crones disease, still have a son with cystic fibrosis? I think he is worthy of far more adulation, than a piece of clay!

He now has a job working with the Marion tourist industry. By his own admission, he goes around the world attending different conferences.

There are lots of problems and reasons to view it as almost a medieval way of getting bums back on church pews.

Silver rosaries turning gold indeed!

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