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No summer & IMC Tallaght problems.

Wednesday 23/5/12. Foolish me, to pay the slightest bit of attention to the Irish weather forecasters. They had said, we were in for the hottest day of the year and instead its the same old autumnal scene of looking out at rustling, branches. Staying indoors with the heating on, is the much better but also costlier option.

I will be voting “yes” in the referendum, and where exactly will we be if people vote “no”out of anger? Where will the money come from to keep the country going? Sinn Fein have some persuasive speakers, but I know I am on the right track, when mine are the opposite of theirs.

The Ashling hotel have sorted out their access problems and have sent me the photo’s to prove it. Unfortunately I now have an issue with IMC cinema’s in Tallaght. I sent Paul Ward, Director of the IMC chain this email last Saturday,

“I was informed yesterday that I would have to pay full price for my personal assistant and that she would only be admitted if she was with a group of at least 3 wheelchair users.

After 2 years of waiting for the cinema in the Square to reopen, this is a big disappointment. Some people need individual care and trying to live independently, do not travel around in groups. Are you only going to cater for disabled who arrive in groups from “institutions”.

In order to see the film (The Dictator at 12.30, there were at most 15 people there) my pa did some errands and came in to collect me towards the films end.

If I had needed the loo, or needed to leave early, I  knew therewould be a real  dilemma. Are you going to wait until an accident happens and having a 1:3 ratio is certainly not safe.

The role of an assistant is to get me there and to help if anything is needed to facilitate this.

Forunately I tend to be fine, but could not help thinking of someone else who is even more disabled, and for whom the cinema is a major social outlet. Is this option to be ruled out as well?

I hope IMC rethinks this policy as it strikes me as mercenary and petty. You make a great deal about your accessibility to all, so I hope you will not follow through with this backward step.

No response yet!

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