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Penalising extra needs: A step backward by IMC Tallaght

(Update 4/8/14: I cannot believe this post is almost a year old. I never did receive any response, and know the situation has not changed. I cringe for those largely housebound people with disabilities for whom a cinema trip was probably a weekly highlight. If you can, try Odeon or Cineworld. I only hope the meanness displayed by IMC, backfires on them ultimately!)

The following email was sent on September 6th, regarding the events of the 1st. Even though I was told at the time, that the Opèrations Manager was dealing with the issue, I have heard nothing about this since then.

Why am I putting this on the web? No, I don’t work for ODEON or another cinema chain, who are still in good standing.

I am not even from Tallaght. Its just the mean spiritedness of this move, and I empathise for those people with disabilities who need extra help.

You can do better IMC Tallaght!

Dear Eric,

I called up today to be told there was no concessionary/discounted tickets available for my personal assistant. There seems to be a complete reversal of the policy (up until the first of September, there was no issue). I use a manual wheelchair, and without someone to drive me to, and assist me with everything, I would not be able to attend the cinema at all.

Surely this is like charging a blind person for the presence of their dog. The dog doesn’t take up a seat, granted, but neither do I!

Penalising someone for their disability and need to have an assistant with them, is surely counter productive The assistant  is usually not even fluent in English, so they are there for reasons other, than just to see a free film.

Fortunately the manager, Mr Eric Doyle, let us in to see the film pending clarification, having driven up from Kildare  to see it  at 2.05 Monday .There were  only two other people in the cinema for that particular show. How about allowing concessions for non peak time screenings?

Tallaght cinema was closed for a long time, and and I was delighted when it reopened. It always had fantastic provisions for wheelchair users , ramps at the side and under IMC management, they even had automatic doors and a special lift installed .

What is the point of investing in these if  you double the price for someone needing a p.a to see  a film, making it too expensive.

I can provide medical certs if you want.

I was told it only applies to new releases, so I can only see a dated film?

Please rethink this move.


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