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Poverty and cult beliefs–A very dangerous mix


(Originally posted 14/9/12 at the time of the Islamic spring riots) 

I was taken aback to hear Hilary Rodham Clinton, refer to Islam as a “great religion”. Try telling this to all the people who have been stoned or maimed, oppressed or just frightened stiff into silence.

The crowds in Pakistan, Egypt and elsewhere are obviously uneducated thugs, who will bully, kill or maim at the drop of a hat, while promising blind allegiance to this sixth century paedophile.

If their God (or any other invisible dictator) were really so great, why has he not paid more loving attention to the people of Syria etc, who have devoted so much of their lives to reverential praise?

Why indeed are the Saudi’s not helping out their fellow Muslims more? Are they still so provoked, by the historical split of their religion?

Of all the monotheistic religions, Islam certainly appears to be the most primitive. All the more so, for not having had a Reformation of any kind.

Its very obviously a plagiarism of Christianity, which in turn is a plagiarism of the Egyptian Book of the Dead.

When I hear people (who are often not very religious themselves) complaining about Muslim refugees, coming here and not blending into our Judeo Christian society, I only half agree.

Why is one set of primitive beliefs automatically superior, just because it has been around longer?

I saw a fascinating documentary on the Wahabi form of Islam, that is dominant in Saudi Arabia. To see public executions and the bodies hung out of posts, as a visual deterrent is just frightening!

The rest of the world, badly needs to end its reliance on Saudi oil (this wealth does not benefit the ordinary Saudi citizen, only the sumptuous lifestyle of the royal family)

Of course its ironic that they are being mocked by someone who comes from a tradition extolling Noah’s Ark and the garden of Eden, as if this particular fruitcake Pastor (see link below) can claim any sort of moral or intellectual superiority.

Misguided or bought silence in the  face of cult beliefs, or even passive acceptance under a pretense of being respectful, such as covering your whole body or even not drinking alcohol is short sighted and wrong.

Will there be a million man march later on today? Well all that would prove to me, is that there are a lot of subjugated brainwashed people around,, with far too much time on their hands!

There can never be a dumb co-existence, between those who profess to have all the answers and those who refuse to settle for just any unsatisfactory replies to life’s deepest puzzles.

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Fruit cake US Pastor: http://gawker.com/5942698/florida-pastor-who-promoted-riot-sparking-anti-islam-film-unrepentant

Must see documentary on Saudi Arabia:

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