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“Pro life” bigots— hopefully all that they represent is on the way out!

Originally posted 6/7/13

I have wanted to throw my feelings in their collective faces for a long time. Fortunately I happened to be given a very appropriate placard which boldly read  “MAKE ABORTION ACCESSIBLE”. This drew startled looks of suppressed anger, down toward my wheelchair vantage point.

There was a huge generation gap, either very elderly or so young, that I was afraid that there would be an outbreak of heart attacks or tears, as they passed the very loudly vocal pro choice contingent assembled around the spire.

I,with a dodgy voice at best, and a provocative placard, was luckily beside two pro choice people, whose lungs were in tip top condition, and who obliged me by swatting away the manicured “pro life” emblems which were repeatedly shoved too near my face.

Why was I there? To reject the horrible and limited view, of life and living that they espouse. For the Marie Fleming’ and myself of the world, who have first hand knowledge of what they stipulate as living. They have had it their own way for far too long. Enough is enough!

As the drones marched under the fading protection of a supposed virgin mother, I shouted out to one woman that “you want all these children to be born, and then you call them bastards”

“Oh, we don’t do that anymore” she flippantly answered, with all the conviction of a rehabilitated scam artist.

An old witch got in my face, and started trying to pass her scare tactics off, that “people like me” would all be aborted and if it were introduced here, that women would be having abortions like they were going  out of fashion.

She had about as much practical experience ( I suspect) of having an unwanted pregnancy as yours truly, so I told her to take all her old and nasty beliefs, and shove them up her a*se.

My tourette’ was coming out. It was time to go!

Hopefully that horrible torch of indifference will not be passed down to another generation. Later that day, I wondered if Declan Ganley of Libertas would help me turn at night, or assist with the morning activities. I doubt it somehow. If only they were as concerned with the actual, rather than the potential living.

They have such a nerve to call themselves “pro life,” with their fake sincerity and thinly disguised anger, at anyone who dares to deviate from their proscribed life dictat’s. I saw young girls carrying dolls, men carrying children as pawns, and one ugly middle aged woman who stuck out her coloured tongue at us who dared challenge her.

She really didn’t need to go to any extra effort though. Her anti choice views, and desire to ram her beliefs down everyone else’s throat in Ireland were repugnant enough!

Links used for this blog:

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