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Pro Life movement in Ireland reveals its true colours

Originally posted 23/6/13

Where is the supposed reverence for life for Health Minister James Reilly and his family? They have been threatened with being burned out of their Rush house by anti abortion hardliners, who crazily view them as fair game for such a despicable send off. Unfortunately they have already been born, and ready targets by being so.

As the “pro lifers” march solemnly, with well financed organisational ability, through Irish cities, you have to wonder just what kind of life they are so in favour of? Will their fake sincerity and scare-mongering about the abortion issue,be enough to bully their side home on election day?(If we ever get to have one, that is).

I saw yesterday ,and happily signed, their petition for (gay) marriage equality here in Ireland. I mention it just to say that life can and should, be made better for all. The past was rotten, in so many ways for women with unwanted pregnancies. More compassionate laws should be passed,  rather than a cold instruction to lay in the bed you’ve made.

Its essentially two opposite views of what life and living are, and I am certainly not a subscriber to the life is a valley of tears camp. As someone with no uterus, the  abortion issue is never going to  affect me personally, but its part of a wider picture, and the legal system here is in dire need of a fresh re-paint.

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