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Seasonal delights and Mayan delusions

Originally Posted 11/12/12

“Tis the season to be jolly”. Well thats an over used slogan. At this time of the year, when roads turn into ice rinks with groaning cars, people with mobility disabilities may just be prepared to stew at home.

Time schedules are up in the air, where you can go and what you can do is drastically limited. and lets not even think of burst pipes ruling out a longed for shower.

Someone was explaining the Mayan calendar to me, of just how accurate and precise they were. But, were these not the same people who sacrificed children and virgins to appease their gods?

I really hope this “period of transformation” we are supposedly coming into, is not just a happy clapping event, where everyone comes together in “support of life and light”.

Why are some of us such slaves to myths and invisible realms? I feel its the luxurious by product of having too much time, a healthy body and invited mental illness

I know come December 21st, I’ll be more interested in having a hot shower, and the ability to crawl out over the icy roads to just about anywhere!

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