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Senator David Norris promoting his book “Kick in the Prick! in Newbridge Libary.

I am very glad that I went into see Senator David Norris promoting his new book “A Kick in the Prick ” He was absolutely entertaining, a gifted linguist with the talent to imitate any accent. He seemed very approachable, and quite different to the person who came across in the presidential ielection nterviews.

Actually I  felt that it was a good thing that he lost the presidency, as that job would have  curtailed his free speaking mouth too much. He said that he strongly believes in the gospels, and makes it a point to go to communion every week. I am glad I asked him how he could reconcile being gay, and the beliefs of christianity. “Were they not mutually exclusive” I asked. How can you tacidly even support, or darken the doorway of such an opperssive ideolog?.

It was a small intimate crowd, and he sure knows how to entertain and keep us all engaged. I also asked him at the end where he gets his fighting spirit from. I wouldn’t like to be on the opposite side to him in an argument. Now he says that his mission for the next while is to go after all those who wrote such slurs about him, during the presidentoal campaign.e

By the look on his face, he is certainly not going to take any prisoners.

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