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Sick of all the “charity” scandals in Ireland? Donate to a genuine cause, hassle & commitment free!

Tired of pouring your money into the pockets of overpaid disability industrialists? Got spare cash, and unsure whether that bucket being filled will ever make a difference, to those who really need it? Donate to keep this site (and me) going!

The spotlight is already fading from those recent stomach churning, and hopefully thought changing chuggers (“charity muggers”), whose only real interest in people with disabilities, is as emotive pawns in ad campaigns, that keep the money rolling in, and bad press deflected!.

Once the irritating public glare is off them, things will return to their shaded normality, and I will return to being just another disabled crumpled mess, living with an imploding body and a terror of what will happen if my ****** snuff’s it in the morning, obliterating any sense of normality that I have ever known or craved.

I do not have the desire, or the clear voice, to either go on Joe Duffy, or to list here in exhaustive detail the impact that FA has and is having. I still cling onto my diminishing list of dignities, but then again that definition keeps changing all the time.

Maybe I should just accept that inequalities exist, and lay down any criticism. Maybe I should be content with being the plastic smile wearer on the begging poster? The slack jawed heart tugger and purse string opener.

Remember these people have milked this perverse “charity” industry for decades. The ugly truth is only coming out to the public arena now . I do hope that the anger generated, will have more of a lasting impact and cause these organisations to stop pulling on public heart strings with fake consideration masking a greedy agenda

Okay, thankfully they’re not all rotten. So if you’re not enticed by moi (nuts to all of you cheapskates too), here are three tried , tested and deserving causes  1: Cheshire Ireland  2:Ataxia Ireland and 3: The Irish Wheelchair Association. Of course I can only stand fully behind myself 100% though! (pun intended)./


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