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Still adjusting to chaos!

Here we are again, in the second week of our second lockdown.

Most of the other European countries seem to be in the same bad position, still battling this invisible contagion.

Life still attempts to struggle on, with faint echoes of past normalities.

Today is the American election day. From my weak amateur vantage point, unfortunately I think Trump has it.

His support seems to be still rock solid and it says a lot about Biden’s weakness of character, that he could not capitalise on the millions of covid cases, or the hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Whatever happens, Trump will not give up power too easily. I think they will have to tranquilize this lion like figure, even if the character he’s based on, is the lion from the wizard of oz.

I truly hope that whatever polar opposite does win, that it does not lead to some form of civil war. Surely the earth has enough to contend with, at the moment!

Here we are still shielding with renewed vigour. It is being taken more seriously this time, with regular Garda Síochána checks on the roads.

I think people realise that they had better cop on, or else Christmas will follow Halloween into that black hole.

Leo Varadkar is in the news today, for leaking a medical report. Nevermind the fact that he is a medical doctor himself and I hope that they are not going to try and make political gains out of this.

People in glass houses should not throw stones!

The hospitals are filling up again, but I still think we should have been much more like New Zealand.

The landslide reelection of their Prime Minister was literally the envy of the world with not a face mask in sight and almost unrecognisable displays of affection.

To see a hall full of people kissing and shaking hands was a complete anathema to existing times.

My friends in Spain seem to be in an even worse position than ourselves, even though we are an island.

But as someone pointed out to me, we are an island with two jurisdictions. The Northern Irish had gotten away with their scant approach to this pandemic, for far too long.

Their out of control wildfire, not only scorched the six counties, but also bordering counties of the Republic.

I hope it is not too little too late for them to get hold of it now! Perhaps if they had tried to emulate the restrictions imposed by the rest of their island, things would have been better!

Lockdown is a lot harder at this time of year. Living in the countryside was a definite help first time around.

Sitting out in the sun with the heady aroma of plants, made the days go a lot quicker. The opposite is true now for the short freezing days.

I am now absolutely fatigued, with hearing about people’s mental health issues.

Do you really need your hair done that badly, or have those calories burned in a gym so effectively or would you prefer to be in a hospital fighting for your life and gasping for breath with a ventilator?

Its not some malicious government conspiracy, it’s a real life stopping event. So shut your mouths and think of other people if you don’t give a damn about yourself.

Read some other books other than the Bible or some other diatribe.

History has certainly come alive for us now.

We are tentatively going through it at the moment, fumbling around for an answer in the future and with countless fatalities and horrific stories in the aftermath.

Stay safe everyone!

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