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Still here less fear though (of covid-19)

Thursday June 4th; lockdown has certainly been accommodated, by the recent good weather. Restrictions of movement do not seem so pressing, when there is a heatwave outside and the garden is in full bloom.

Unfortunately the weather has temporarily changed, back to the dreary Irish standard. Skies are overcast, jackets and fleecy tops are needed once more and nature is keeping us guessing, about what it’s going to do next.

Will it rain, maybe punch down some hailstones, or else fry us all with the sun’s hot rays? We all know well, that the majority of Irish people will not waste their time searching for the sun tan lotion at the bottom of the drawer somewhere.

I have just seen the interview on Sky news with Prince Charles. He said a very interesting thing, that we should have treated the earth as a patient long ago. We should never have turned such a deaf ear, to the groanings, scars and storms of the earth.

Unfortunately though, the manipulations of mankind had a desired effect, which was not implemented properly. I think the lesson has been learned quite saliently though, that we can never look down beligerently on mother nature again.

Those hairy, bushy, eco warriors that we all used to make fun of or dismiss as fantastical illusionists, now have to be properly heralded as intelligent far thinking planet inhabitants.

There is a growing frustration with the slowness of a return to some kind of normality. It’s good in a way to see other news being covered, even if it is about George Floyd, his killing and the worldwide reaction to it.

Can Ireland wave an accusatory finger at the US? I think not and there are many black and coloured people in Ireland, who being provoked by this occassion, will hopefully speak out and explain just why not.

Time trudges on, even though life is not very different for people in my situation, who have really been in lockdown for years! The rare occassions of “normality” that I experienced before, were on reflection probably made all the more important because of their absence!

Fingers are beginning to point, voices are beginning to be raised for all sorts of reasons. The streets have been full in recent days of outraged people, who have cast aside their own personal safety to champion a cause, which some people say was not the right time to do so. As if there is ever a right time!

The human spirit will begin to reassemble itself. With all our frailties, hypocricies and ego driven actions. Thankfully we are not all going to become treehugging, kiss blowers.

Humankind’s puff chest and man’s splaying posture will definitely be refashioned, but I’m now much more optimistic that our next measured steps, will go in a much better direction.

Stay safe everyone!

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