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Stumbling ahead tentatively

On this inauguration day of Joe Biden, I want to mark the occasion with a long overdue blog. A crystal ball would be absolutely priceless today!

Has Trump left his country broken beyond repair?

What will happen later on. Will there be a tangible expression of the anger that remains and which has been pushed under ground so far?

Apart from the years of cleaning up that has to be done, which may easily exceed his physical health and longevity.

The fact remains that seventy five million Americans are completely and steadfastly opposed to this man and his belief system.

To be honest, it is a refreshing change, to be even thinking and talking about something other than covid and it’s related problems.

For sure, the world seems to have come into a grudging awareness that the duration of this pandemic is with us for an indefinite time.

I’m just seeing on the news now that the St. Patrick’s Day festival has been cancelled for the second time in a row.

There are new strains developing, which are resistant to the vaccines so far and that surely must lead to another suppression of hope.

We are still at home, living like frightened rabbits, wondering whether the vaccine or covid-19 will come calling first.

All the myopic Irish people who descended on the country from England, bring with them death and a new strain of misery, in order to celebrate a Christmas day.

On the radio they unequivocally said they were coming home regardless. It certainly was regardless.

They had no regard to the havoc they were bringing home with them to every town and county in the country.

Our numbers have exploded and we have gone from being one of the best countries in the world to being one of the worst.

The reality has to dawn, that business simply must take a back seat to public health!

How can the economy lead when the hospitals are jam packed, with many often needing critical care.

I am looking at a very grey, cold day, which definitely reflects the mood of the moment.

We had a record number of deaths yesterday and it will be interesting to see what happens later on with the US Presidential inauguration.

The world is in chaos, the churches are closed but hope remains. Does that not speak volumes?

Thankfully I live in the countryside, surrounded by nature and know that its circadian rhythms will keep beating, knowing full well that better days are ahead.

I do feel sorry for the plants, having to tolerate this punishing climate at the moment. We are currently experiencing a new storm Christoph and my Spanish friends have sent me on video of their kids snowboarding in Madrid!

Times are tough, people are inside for better or for worse and hopefully all the tulips I have planted will survive this winter.

We are now more than half way through it and I’m sure that it will unleash a torrent of colour and fresh life in the coming months.

I think humanity has been exposed in its most rawest flawed form. We still keep stumbling ahead, realising that any solution or answer was found in no locked down institution, but in ourselves.

With all our brain dead ambers, we still have a majority that still shine and will hopefully keep the lights on for a longer time!

Stay safe everyone.

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