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“Terrorists will never win”…..but mission accomplished in Manchester.

So shocked to learn about the slaughter in Manchester. It defies belief and its further evidence that any form of religion really is mental poison.

The slayer of these innocents, has been inspired by a horrible blood loving creed, which promotes the delusion, that for his act of martyrdom he will now be feasting on virgins.

I wonder will approval for Trump go escalate now, but I am just after looking at an article, which says that he is after selling $110 billion of state of the art weaponry to the incorrigible state of Saudi Arabia.

This makes all his current expressions of sympathy seem especially hollow!

I also would like to know, how a person with bomb equipment got into the foyer of a concert arena?

Did some one drop the security ball big time?

I am writing this blog, just to illustrate how the vicious cycle will continue.

These fanatics who are very much inspired by the Wahhabi branch of Sunni Islam, will continue to carry out these repulsive and inspired actions.

I would have liked Trump to be far more overt in his derision of their beliefs, but then again I hear the Christian mental poisoning affecting him too and the policies which he is promulgating.

These are dark times, with a seemingly endless supply of brainwashed fools.

Where next?

(Update 24/05/17: How revolting to think that a British born citizen, could willingly inflict so much agony through a nail-bomb. Perhaps people need to connect the dots more.

Where did this university educated person, get his radical ideas from, that were so ingrained and believable to him, that this sicking act could be rationalized?

No doubt, the death toll will escalate. My heart goes out to all those who now have a life of disability and perhaps dependency ahead of them.

A tougher stance surely needs to be taken!

Update Saturday 27/5/17; And the world keeps turning!

I heard a very good comment during the week off one of the Fathers of the massacred, who said that we need action not vigils.

I tend to agree!

On Sky News during the week, they had the rather stomach churning interview with a union jack coloured, hijab wearing woman full of remorse less words.

Don’t they realise that they worship a tribal warlord, with a penchant for six year old girls. Certainly the Christians are not a whole lot better, but at least we are out of the dark ages (somewhat).

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