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The “boy” at the table!

I am positioned,

feet away from the table,

taking it all in,

even in my left out state.


From my plate,

piled high with dependency,

Inverted attempts at negotiating,

Recalcitrant limbs to quivering mouth,

a definite appetite suppressant!


After dessert I hear,

“Have another slice young man”,

Croaked in pigeon English,

by an insultingly titled “carer”,

Never mind that he is half your age,

or that you have twice his intellect,

My jaw drops!


Lavish obsequiousness by others follows,

a tired, beaten down, inculcated gratitude,

pretended contentment,

basic needs met,

a simmering darkness outside.


Inane chatter fills the room,

the bursting anecdotes from burst lives,

pretended interest,

Feigned attention on faces,

that are in reality mile’ away.

Don’t invite me into your world,

Although perhaps the invitation,

Has long been responded to,

Which makes me,

A very reluctant guest.




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