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The Easter farce continues.

In many ways I will never understand just why so many people, are so keen to continuously worship this most insignificant act.

I saw yesterday on the telly, how millions of Filipino’s were re enacting the way of the cross, complete with self flagellation. Surely these people could see through it?

They probably suffer more everyday and in many ways, crucifixion is a daily event for them!

For me, it just shows the extent that these people have been brain washed. Here is a country ravaged by unspeakable misery, down on its knees worshipping a guy with no bed sores,  money worries, mental problems or traumatic memories of past abuse.

And he gets everlasting praise for this stunt? Give me a break!

I really do think that religious beliefs, especially the Christian ones, are just accepted brainwashing. You are either with them, or against them and to think that even twenty years ago you would have been ostracised for challenging any of these nonsensical beliefs.

Early last year, I met a young guy on Henry St. with dodgy teeth and probably an infinitely more difficult life so far, than you know who. He bounded up to me, and asked me if I wanted to hear some good news.

Unfortunately, I am not able to make a quick get away, or race to an imaginary friend at the end of the street. With all the rehearsed conviction that he could muster, he spoke as if he had just returned from heaven five minutes ago.

I asked him a simple question, if there was an after life, what are the people doing to fill up the endless eternal days? Were they working? Having sex? (Only if they’re married of course!)

Even though a so called heaven hardly needs a population boost. “Oh no they are too happy praying all day”.

I looked at him with a mixture of absolute sadness and bewilderment. I was not going to spend any longer debating with him, or trampling on the shaky foundation on which he had built his present life.

Religious faith can only be likened, to a form of mental poisoning. It slowly steeps through the brain, claiming as its ultimate prize the persons critical thinking.

I do not have much interest in astronomy, but the recent pictures beamed back by the Hubble space centre show us how small and insignificant  place in the universe that we occupy. We are only a splash of colour in a much bigger picture.

I often feel that this world would be a much more content and fulfilling place, if we did not place so much life changing importance on a supposed after world.

If people still want to embrace this nonsense, so be it, but a healthier world will emerge when they free their minds and de-programme themselves.

For all our sake’, hopefully it will be sooner rather than later.



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