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The French have it right, when it comes to Muslim face covering

On an amazing holiday in Marseille and Nice, I was shocked to find a few fully veiled Muslim women, with just slits to allow them to see where they were going, trailing meekly behind their husband, chaperone, god.

The tour guide that was with us, said they could receive a fine for this. I am so glad that the French have the courage to see that this display of female servitude, is absolutely unacceptable in any educated society. I wish more western countries would follow their example

The French law on secularity and conspicuous religious symbols, obviously needs to be applied to more areas, than state operated primary and secondary schools.

The idea that the mere sight of a piece of female flesh (even if its on an ugly troll), is going to drive every male around to “wicked thoughts” is just insulting, and especially so considering, 10% of men are gay!

Well done to the French for not being swayed by Middle Eastern money, and for saying a defiant non to a rampaging ideology.


What is the difference between a Muslim woman (?) wearing the full face covering, and a balaclava wearing youth? I know that many couriers are not allowed to enter buildings with their helmets still on, out of public safety concerns.

It seems you can get away with so much, as long as you use the trump card of religion. I wonder would this shield work, for couriers though? Or those with a penchant for hoodies, scarves and shades?

Surely everyone should dress how they like? I have issues with this, because surely you would not allow people to walk down the street in a Nazi or KKK outfit?

All of these costumes are just hate and oppression filled fabrics, to which no deferential respect should be accorded!
I have only ever seen the fully covered ones in Ireland and this was in the Square, Tallaght.

Following her very tall partner, was a small woman(?),who didn’t even have the luxury of a slit for her eyes, for she had a black net over them.

I felt so sorry for her. Any glimmer of personality or individuality had been extinguished by the shroud. Yesterday in the gym in Naas, I saw a similar creature trailing behind her bearded male partner. They were bringing two little girls to the pool.

I was glad that they were having a carefree child’s day out, which ultimately will turn into a coveted memory, once puberty is reached.

That’s a big price to pay! And ultimately for what?


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